C4A Mission

We live in an age of innovation. Yesterday what was impossible; today can be probable. And, if you’re like me, you want to be part of the solution: But, in a world so big, with so many problems; how do you & I contribute?

At Chances for Answers, we had a noble idea: Together, let’s harness the power of the internet, and provide the possibility for each of those solutions to exist and gain exposure. I know it sounds abstract, but we achieve this goal by crowd-sourcing the current and relevant information. That’s right; a better, more productive use of social media: Introducing Chances for Answers our mission-focused, social media platform with the following core values: optimism and hope.

For a minute, consider the current moment: the terms “sustainability” and “renewable energy” are everywhere. Even major corporations are poised to demonstrate their concern to the public. Our users, AKA “Chancers”, are socially-aware, and deeply concerned with their health, the future, and the planet Earth. Studies have shown, group collaboration has an advantage in terms of problem-solving. Therefore, our collective goal is to piece together a unique “big picture” of the many ways all life is interconnected.

So this is what it’s about: fostering the environment for those moments, these ideas… to flourish, and prosper. The same way Wikipedia provides people with encyclopedia material, and Yelp directs people to relevant local business reviews, Chances for Answers facilitates the discussion, whereby people can connect, contribute, and be part of the solution.

Dear future chancer: we encourage you to browse our content, watch the video and listen to the song. Then, should the mood strike you: become part of the solution by signing up: it’s easy; your email address is only necessary for account recovery. We will not sell your email address. To learn more, read our Community Guidelines.

We do not collect any personal data; our donations are handled through a third party provider. Please contact us here with any questions you may have.