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Terms of Use

A user must have an account, and be logged in to add, rate or react to content.

With an account, you are completely responsible for all actions taken by that account.

You will not hack, subvert, steal or seek to duplicate any part of the website.

Use of the site can be anonymous.

However, if you represent a group, you assert you have the proper authority to do so.


The Chances for Answers‘ admin team reserves the right to suspend/delete any account that violates our Community Guidelines.


Appropriate content

We’re here to foster an environment seeped in the following core values: optimism & hope.

Thus, all content should be positive, solution-oriented, meaningful, useful, etc.


Tier 1 goals are:  to deliver inspiration, provide organization, and assist in education.

Tier 2 goals include:  stirring relevant controversy & creating paths to discovery + innovation.


All questionable, undesireable content will be swiftly eliminated.

Examples are, but not limited to:

fake news;

scandal; slander; tabloids;

hyperbole; apocalyptic;

bullying, guilt, hate, fear;

nudity, anything illegal or construed as hurtful in any way


Propagating undesireable content is grounds for account termination.


Limited Liability

As a team, we do our very best to removed all undesirable content. But in this age of instant information and gratification, the appearance of the Chances for Answers website may, at times, deviate from the Community Guidelines. Should you have this experience, please immediately flag* any inappropriate content. *Please note: you must be logged in to flag content.


Your email is necessary for the following reasons:

  • account recovery- a password can be retrieved via email
  • to interact with other users, should you elect this option
  • in specific cases, we may reach out and ask you to participate in our Moderating Program


Please note: your email address will not be sold.

We do not harvest our users’ email addresses for sale or redistribution.


Username and password

Please create a strong password and protect it.

We cannot sustain your account if it becomes compromised.

The account password, and email, can be updated by accessing the ‘edit my profile’ option.

A password and username can only be recovered by email.


Data collection

Chances for Answers does not collect any personal data.  We do, however, collect statistical data on users’ performance to help gauge the project’s efficacy.



Donations are handled through a third party provider.

Should you choose to donate, you will be directed to an external site.

Please note: Chances for Answers, or its agents, will never contact users asking for a donation.


Account Status

User accounts have the following statuses:

-active- with a date stamp indicating when the account was created;

-closed- with a date stamp indicating when the account was created/closed;

-idle- after 30 days of inactivity;

-suspended- usually pending investigation…

… which may result in a -deleted- status


You may close your account at any time.

Accounts which become idle for more than 180 days are subject to our discretion.



You implicitly assume all liability when using the Chances for Answers website.

We will not be held responsible for any ill effect, or outcome, arising from use of the site.



You use the website at your own risk.

We do not endorse any products or services.


Additional terms

This agreement constitutes a legal contract.

We may modify the agreement, and make adjustments, as we see fit.

Our failure to act upon any part of this agreement, does not nullify any additional provisions.


We reserve the right to delete the site without providing any notice to you.

Void where prohibited.   


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Last updated  January, 10th 2020