Medical Massage Therapy

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    I have to say, I was skeptical when I heard about the medical massage therapist that my brother visited. However, desperate for relief from chronic daily migraines, I was willing to try anything. The first time I met her, she spent a minute looking at me and immediately rattled off a list of issues saying, “Your hips are four inches out of alignment which contributes to the three herniated discs you have. You have a vertebrae in your neck the base of your skull that is out of place and probably the cause of about 95% of your migraines.” A few minutes later, as I’m laying on face down on the massage table and she’s working on me, she described EXACTLY how my migraines behave. After two visits with her, I was a believer. It’s been exactly one year and I have gone from having migraines every single day to having only one migraine a month, if even that.

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